Reflective Essay – Tung Nguyen

During the time that I been on this module, i come to realise that nothing really ever goes to plan and that sometimes, compromising the greater good is more important. This project was slightly personal and very complicated due to the project been overseas and my own personal issues taking priority.

Doing this project was Raheel’s idea, he spoken about this project many times passionately and since he helped me out in my last project concerning our book 18+ Teen secrets and letters

Our first priority was to establish connections with his company and his organisation such as BDR Pharmaceuticals and ARCON in which we were successful in doing. asking for an opportunity to do a survey and interview with the organisation was very difficult since i couldn’t be there face to face. I therefore decided to create a questionnaire and leave the liaison with the organisation to Raheel who was going to india (since he lived there).

In terms of my own personal investigation, i decided to get an idea on the current HIV/AIDS  issue by arranging a meeting with  Sean Cummings, top specialist AIDS/HIV expert and doctor in the uk and runs his own private clinic freedomhealth

For the presentation in march/april, i felt really disappointed in myself with the results. firstly because my team wasnt there to present with me, secondly because i realised we were behind and had a lot   to do and also because I realised I been absent a lot to the lecture in which I had to speak to Corrine.

This was in the memorable moment in this module, I had to decide whether to stop the work on my business Electric-buddha and concentrate on this module, or forgo a year to put my business together and retake the year. It was really difficult because I was didn’t believe in myself to catch up but I couldn’t bare to retake the year when I already came this far.

After deliberating with My partner sha who runs our partner company cerise, he agreed to let me go for a while to work on my university. I’m very thankful for having such an understanding and fair business partner, my partners in the past were the opposite and I remember going through a dead road back then in my last business .

Through that experience, I learnt that having a business is secondary to having a great business relationship.

My team on this project have been really supportive, although i believe a certain member could do slightly better, i loved my team – they have been my team for 3 years since i been in this uni. Our ability to put our ego a side to cooperate and succeed is so beautiful. we work hard when we need to, every one of us are experts in almost everything and willing to jump on anything and our personal relationships with each other makes us such a strong team. With Raheel as the head of this group, I believed the team equally contributed fantastically to the project and given him ideas and support on what we need to do to get what we need.

As a hypochondriac, I thought I might have had HIV because i haven’t been on my best behaviour with girls haha, so this project has helped me find out my results and get all the questions I need and understood which helps the project. It was a win-win situation.

The skills i learnt from this module ares how to provide proof and evidence of our assumptions. Looking over the business plan that was set for us, it has opened my eyes on how i can mak my business plans more concrete and credible in the future.

The last presentation we had in may was a funny experience, the thing about my group is that when on the last days, we are so relaxed and chilled back, but an hour or two before the presentation, everyone is stressing out and trying to get last minutes arrangement sorted. it’s a funny weakness but it has worked every time. I was concerned that we might not have set enough data and we didn’t decide on a Powerpoint presentation because we felt out presentation would be more compelling if we spoke it out from out knowledge and experience unscripted. It has always worked and every project we have ever worked on ,we have always set a personal and passionate mark on it.

Overall, i felt the module was really positive, i know i have missed multiple classes and lectures but there has not been a day when i haven’t been worried and cared about this module. during the last periods of these modules, i believed my team worked triple harder than every other team to get us back to scratch, i believe in this 100%.

They say that life is a sum of your experiences, during the period, ive learnt a lot about my teammates, the practical essence of this module and the nature of business – as someones whose started 3 business already (1 failed) business is hard already, but having the right partners and team can make it a more fun and easier experience.

Tung Nguyen

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Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle

Although i couldn’t attend class today for personal reasons, i had an opportunity to read the forum and i have to say I’m deeply disappointed in missing today’s lesson 😦

Regardless, I have many views and opinions on this.

I honestly believe that happiness comes from being the person we want to be and doing the things we want to do. If i can achieve my goals and dreams without hurting and preventing others to do the same (but actually helping other people), then i can honestly say i would be the most contented happiness person ever.

In regards to the first question:

“How can I be sure that I’ll be happy in my career?”

When i started out as an entrepreneur at 17, one of the first lessons i was taught was to follow your passion and turn your passion into an enterprise. At the time i enjoyed playing chess – so i started organising chess tournaments for people within south east London. i ran the tournaments for a year and earned a good amount of money for someone my age and met many beautiful intelligent players, as well as learn a lot in my chess studies and playing maay people. I was in my zone and i have to say, those were the most enjoyable days of my life. From this experience, i believe that if we doing work or in a job where we don’t have a passion and don’t generally enjoy, then we are wasting our life and we would never be happy. Of course i understand that people need money, but i don’t think people should put themselves in that situation for the rest of their lives. It would be a life not worth living.

So in summary, i think that people who are in the work in which they are passionate about are very close to happiness. Sometimes, they may not even consider their work as “work” which is what i experianced.

“How can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness?”

I think this question is kind of vague, i can only relate to this in a Buddhist context and my own personal experience.

Firstly, to find happiness, you have to have some level of suffering because no one is perfect. My current girlfriend i have right now makes me very happy, but there are times where she does annoy me(little habits and when she’s moody) but this doesn’t mean that it overshadows her good qualities that i love about her, despite her bad side, i feel that been with her is worth it for my happiness. After all, I’m not perfect either!!

I think that’s the same for my family, they do annoy me from time to time, but with my family, they have something i give to them called “unconditional love” – where they have my love and affection no matter what they do in their lives and what they say. I’ve given them my eternal love and support to them no matter what happens…even if they hurt me, and of course they would do the same for me.

I think that’s the best way in this case, to give your spouse and family your unconditional love and support, and when they feel that from you, they would certainly give you back that love and support. It’s a beautiful human moment, especially in our darkest moments.

“How can I be sure I’ll stay out of jail?”

What an unusual question! I guess if i take it on the face value, my gut answer would be to follow the law, always do good by others and develop your moral and ethical values.

Look at the people around you who you socialise with and ask yourself if they are trouble makers or not – then make the decision whether they are the right friends with you and who you would like to spend more time with.

If i looked at the question metaphorically, jail signifies a place where we don’t want to be. It suggests punishment and a place you get locked up even if you don’t want to be there.No one wants to go jail after all.

I have another take to third question though.

In life , people put themselves in situations they don’t want to be all the time, relationships, circle of friends, career – this in turns makes us feel trapped and helpless, just like a jail or prison.

I think the answer to this question therefore is ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING IN YOUR LIFE, to always take a step to analyse where we are going and if we are happy with going this way. And if we realise we are not happy, to always have to courage to change directions in life. We can’t ever know if the decisons we make in life is a right one or wrong one, we just have to pick the one we feel is best and put all our effect into making it work. Nothing is perfect and nothing ever really goes right to plan. Always trust in your ability to do good for yourself.

Thats what Entrepreneurship means to be, it represent courage, creativity,flexibility, moral integrity and honour – thats why i decided to choose this line of work.

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Im positive in my negative!!

Hello all

Over the last couple of months, i formed an alliance with Raheel and Bar to contribute to Raheels original idea of Red ribbon – which aims to facilate all Hiv/Aids required needs such as treatment, testing , counselling and legal issues under one organisation in india.

At first i wondered what could i contribute since

1. I don’t live in india and didn’t actually go there until january this year(which was how this project started)

2. im not going to be able to do any topical market research onto th issue’ espcially if the market itself is it india.

But i thought i give it a go anyway.

In order to understand what Hiv/Aids is all about, i had to get myself into the head of a person which Hiv and understand what such a person who has this condition would required and want.

Cause there’s not Cure for Hiv, a person would have to be given treatment for the rest of their life, some of the treatment bring about horrible side effects which dampens one life. It is this reason that any HIV resource and information avaliable should be the best and the most reliable since this disease affects all their aspects of their lives.

In this country, Hiv counts for less than 1% of the population (86,500), where as in india acounts for over 1% ( 2.31 million people) Reletive to population. We must also remember that this statistics are based on those who are tested and came out positive. A high majority of people can have Hiv and not show any symptons hence not even know they have Hiv.

“UNAIDS estimated that there were 5.6 million people living with HIV in India, which indicated that there were more people with HIV in India than in any other country in the world”

India has another disadvantage in its sigma and attitude towards the disease.

“In India, as elsewhere, AIDS is often seen as “someone else’s problem” – as something that affects people living on the margins of society, whose lifestyles are considered immoral. Even as it moves into the general population, the HIV epidemic is still misunderstood among the Indian public. People living with HIV have faced violent attacks, been rejected by families, spouses and communities, been refused medical treatment, and even, in some reported cases, denied the last rites before they die.

As well as adding to the suffering of people living with HIV, this discrimination is hindering efforts to prevent new infections. While such strong reactions to HIV and AIDS exist, it is difficult to educate people about how they can avoid infection. AIDS outreach workers and peer-educators have reported harassment,74 and in schools, teachers sometimes face negative reactions from the parents of children that they teach about AIDS”

This strongly suggest for a well established, well funded and well known organisation to come in and provide the best and reliable treatement and information for those with Hiv and those who could potentially have it.

Education and reassurance is vital with this diseases, i recently got myself tested for HIV in the uk, although i wont disclose my sexual life, there have been times where i may have doubted myself.

The more research i did into Hiv, the more worried and the more paranoid i got( it doesn’t help that im a hypochondria)

Testing is difficult in itself because you have to wait a period for the disease to show in the blood (uk guideline states 3 month after possible exposure). This already puts me off from testing since i have to suffer with the anxiety and stress for for that duration to wait for to see if i have a disease or not. To some extent, this put me off from testing – and reseaarch online shows that the waiting for test result could take so long that those may not take the test- or even show up to see their results(risking the possibility that they might be positve)

There are test now however that can show up after 28 days of exposure to unprotected sex – this shortens the time to wait but is not provdied in the uk Nhs and on provided in private clinic for a fee.

I decided to pay this fee £130 for my peace of mind. You be glad to know that im Hiv negative.

At the end of this experince, i come out with a fresh perspective on how to live my life and the world is in general, i look at life so much differently now and i honestly try not to take any moment of my life for granted… i realised how fragile we as human beings are…

During my time research HIV, i came accross many information on multiple pages on HIV. i Decided to arrange an appointment with the doctor at the private clinic to ask a few more questions on Hiv. This should give me better insight on up to date information on Hiv.

I get back to you next week.


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Stupidity works!

After Looking over my results, i can’t say that im happy, but im relieved that i managed to pass.

Its not so much that i didn’t researched my idea in depth, i guess the idea in itself was just bad idea in the judge’s eyes.

My idea was to produce relevent entertaining but educational videos which would benefit students. I came up with the idea a few months back after my 2nd year exams.

My idea came up under scrutiny, be it the process of making it work, the cost and the competition.

Although the judges concluded that my idea is flawed and questionable,  i still believe my idea can work. Because i have been touched by it myself, it has benefited me and i know that because  it has benefited me, it should benefit others too. ( i should mention that i thought i argued back pretty well in the class )

I guess this is what enterpreneurship is all about nowadays ; logical understanding and sound research which makes sense.

Im sorry, but where does feeling and passion come into this? some of the most craziest and damn stupid ideas have become successful:

researched from online

Henry Ford: While Ford is today known for his innovative assembly line and American-made cars, he wasn’t an instant success. In fact, his early businesses failed and left him broke five time before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company.

Walt Disney: Today Disney rakes in billions from merchandise, movies and theme parks around the world, but Walt Disney himself had a bit of a rough start. He was fired by a newspaper editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” After that, Disney started a number of businesses that didn’t last too long and ended with bankruptcy and failure. He kept plugging along, however, and eventually found a recipe for success that worked.

Akio Morita: You may not have heard of Morita but you’ve undoubtedly heard of his company, Sony. Sony’s first product was a rice cooker that unfortunately didn’t cook rice so much as burn it, selling less than 100 units. This first setback didn’t stop Morita and his partners as they pushed forward to create a multi-billion dollar company.

I guess the point im trying to make benefits you as it would benefit me.

“Sometimes, stupid ideas work”

When me and my enterprise group started last year, we didn’t get the best feedback either, we were told by judges that it wasn’t possible, too bizzare, too risky and would never work. That was just from the judges, the students in that room shot us down even more. we didn’t feel very happy leaving that class.

Well lets just says that the book now as sold over 500 books since its launch in febuary, we have won won enterprising group of the year 2009 and have been in many magazines and newspaper since the launch including kingston local. The book also came out in certain waterstone stores and sold out. we are now talking of writing a second book.

I came up with the book idea out of inspiration and my own passion. i didn’t find a gap in the market, i looked at my own life and asked myself what i would have wished for in my life when i was young. we call that introspect.

i know the video idea seems hard to manage, im aware of the competition, i know that by doing these videos, i may appear to be undermining teachers ( which im not ) All i did was took something out of my life that has made a difference in my life, and apply it into business so other people’s live can be benefited too.

My idea is unique in the sense that i know my target marget; its aimed at and relevant to business students in University, Its not for the general public.

From realising this today, i can appreciate every entrepreneur whos idea has ever been shunned away in school, in dragons den, and even in life. we just don’t see why they came up with that idea…through pure inspiration. we just seem to forget…

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Sorry Im late!!

Hi everyone, sorry im late to this blog, i know that its unforgivable and its unreasonable. But my personal circumstance has captured my attention over the last few weeks. However im back on track now and i hope i would be able to catch up. Please be patient with me.

My Dream Job:

When i was young, my dream was to become an explorer, to become an adventurer. As a child, i would imaging myself exloring new places, helping people along the way and doing the utmost dangerous, courageous and dealth defining stunts in name the justice. I was kinda like in the old tv series Hurceles

what attracted me most to being an adventurer is the fact that i be doing something amazing, impossible and completely different and original from everybody else. When i was young, i love to stand out from the crowd and be different.

8 years later ( now 16 in the real world ) I was studying to be a counsellor/ psychologist. Something about this field really attracted me, I loved every study of it and loved it when i could help other people using the skills i learn’t. Helping others for the good is something i always loved to do, even in my childhood.

Until one day, i came accross entrepreneurship, and since then, the concept blew me away, captured me and has never let me for almost 3 years.

Age 17. I started a  successful small chess venture in my chess club to organise tournaments in my community.

Age 18. I started a events promotion organisation aimed a oriental clubbers called East-west-Entertainment.

Age 19. I took an interest in project management and expanded east-west into a modeling agency.

Age 20. Me and my colleauges in uni started  a social enterprise called wisdom child and with it, published a book called 18+ Teen secrets and letters, selling over 600 books since febuary and now working into a second book. We also won Kingston enterprising group of the year 2010.

Despite my success and many achievements, if i had to be honest, i don’t believe i was meant to be an entreperneur… i don’t believe it was ever my true calling.

You see, i didn’t become an entrepreneur to make money, or to be fascinated in business. I became one because i was fascinated in the psychology of being an entrepreneur.

The idea of being a creative, innovative, couragous, persistant, imaginative, daring, positive, rebellious and principled person really attracted me to become one in order to adopt that mindset. Not so i can be good at business per say, but to be good at Life. I believed i achieved this.

A recent adventurer and writer once compared entrepreneurs  to adventurers because of their willingness to take on financial or personal risk in order to undertake a new ventures or expenditions.

As you can see, this title called out to me from my childhood.

In the present me now, looking back, i can’t say i regretted any decisions i made, the traits of an entrepreneur is truly a gift for those who want to be successful, i spent years developing those traits and i can see the rewards myself, but i would like to incorporate these traits in another field of work where my passion lies as opposed to business.

I would love to see my future job as an author  ( for my passion of writing )

As a counsellor or psychologist, i would see as a secondary job to go along with being an author.

The field of business is a question mark, but if i dedicated 3 years to focusing on entrepreneurship and im taking a degree in one. Then as a true entrepreneur, i would commit myself through to the end and give it my 100%

From Tung Anh Nguyen

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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