Sorry Im late!!

Hi everyone, sorry im late to this blog, i know that its unforgivable and its unreasonable. But my personal circumstance has captured my attention over the last few weeks. However im back on track now and i hope i would be able to catch up. Please be patient with me.

My Dream Job:

When i was young, my dream was to become an explorer, to become an adventurer. As a child, i would imaging myself exloring new places, helping people along the way and doing the utmost dangerous, courageous and dealth defining stunts in name the justice. I was kinda like in the old tv series Hurceles

what attracted me most to being an adventurer is the fact that i be doing something amazing, impossible and completely different and original from everybody else. When i was young, i love to stand out from the crowd and be different.

8 years later ( now 16 in the real world ) I was studying to be a counsellor/ psychologist. Something about this field really attracted me, I loved every study of it and loved it when i could help other people using the skills i learn’t. Helping others for the good is something i always loved to do, even in my childhood.

Until one day, i came accross entrepreneurship, and since then, the concept blew me away, captured me and has never let me for almost 3 years.

Age 17. I started a  successful small chess venture in my chess club to organise tournaments in my community.

Age 18. I started a events promotion organisation aimed a oriental clubbers called East-west-Entertainment.

Age 19. I took an interest in project management and expanded east-west into a modeling agency.

Age 20. Me and my colleauges in uni started  a social enterprise called wisdom child and with it, published a book called 18+ Teen secrets and letters, selling over 600 books since febuary and now working into a second book. We also won Kingston enterprising group of the year 2010.

Despite my success and many achievements, if i had to be honest, i don’t believe i was meant to be an entreperneur… i don’t believe it was ever my true calling.

You see, i didn’t become an entrepreneur to make money, or to be fascinated in business. I became one because i was fascinated in the psychology of being an entrepreneur.

The idea of being a creative, innovative, couragous, persistant, imaginative, daring, positive, rebellious and principled person really attracted me to become one in order to adopt that mindset. Not so i can be good at business per say, but to be good at Life. I believed i achieved this.

A recent adventurer and writer once compared entrepreneurs  to adventurers because of their willingness to take on financial or personal risk in order to undertake a new ventures or expenditions.

As you can see, this title called out to me from my childhood.

In the present me now, looking back, i can’t say i regretted any decisions i made, the traits of an entrepreneur is truly a gift for those who want to be successful, i spent years developing those traits and i can see the rewards myself, but i would like to incorporate these traits in another field of work where my passion lies as opposed to business.

I would love to see my future job as an author  ( for my passion of writing )

As a counsellor or psychologist, i would see as a secondary job to go along with being an author.

The field of business is a question mark, but if i dedicated 3 years to focusing on entrepreneurship and im taking a degree in one. Then as a true entrepreneur, i would commit myself through to the end and give it my 100%

From Tung Anh Nguyen


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