Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle

Although i couldn’t attend class today for personal reasons, i had an opportunity to read the forum and i have to say I’m deeply disappointed in missing today’s lesson 😦

Regardless, I have many views and opinions on this.

I honestly believe that happiness comes from being the person we want to be and doing the things we want to do. If i can achieve my goals and dreams without hurting and preventing others to do the same (but actually helping other people), then i can honestly say i would be the most contented happiness person ever.

In regards to the first question:

“How can I be sure that I’ll be happy in my career?”

When i started out as an entrepreneur at 17, one of the first lessons i was taught was to follow your passion and turn your passion into an enterprise. At the time i enjoyed playing chess – so i started organising chess tournaments for people within south east London. i ran the tournaments for a year and earned a good amount of money for someone my age and met many beautiful intelligent players, as well as learn a lot in my chess studies and playing maay people. I was in my zone and i have to say, those were the most enjoyable days of my life. From this experience, i believe that if we doing work or in a job where we don’t have a passion and don’t generally enjoy, then we are wasting our life and we would never be happy. Of course i understand that people need money, but i don’t think people should put themselves in that situation for the rest of their lives. It would be a life not worth living.

So in summary, i think that people who are in the work in which they are passionate about are very close to happiness. Sometimes, they may not even consider their work as “work” which is what i experianced.

“How can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness?”

I think this question is kind of vague, i can only relate to this in a Buddhist context and my own personal experience.

Firstly, to find happiness, you have to have some level of suffering because no one is perfect. My current girlfriend i have right now makes me very happy, but there are times where she does annoy me(little habits and when she’s moody) but this doesn’t mean that it overshadows her good qualities that i love about her, despite her bad side, i feel that been with her is worth it for my happiness. After all, I’m not perfect either!!

I think that’s the same for my family, they do annoy me from time to time, but with my family, they have something i give to them called “unconditional love” – where they have my love and affection no matter what they do in their lives and what they say. I’ve given them my eternal love and support to them no matter what happens…even if they hurt me, and of course they would do the same for me.

I think that’s the best way in this case, to give your spouse and family your unconditional love and support, and when they feel that from you, they would certainly give you back that love and support. It’s a beautiful human moment, especially in our darkest moments.

“How can I be sure I’ll stay out of jail?”

What an unusual question! I guess if i take it on the face value, my gut answer would be to follow the law, always do good by others and develop your moral and ethical values.

Look at the people around you who you socialise with and ask yourself if they are trouble makers or not – then make the decision whether they are the right friends with you and who you would like to spend more time with.

If i looked at the question metaphorically, jail signifies a place where we don’t want to be. It suggests punishment and a place you get locked up even if you don’t want to be there.No one wants to go jail after all.

I have another take to third question though.

In life , people put themselves in situations they don’t want to be all the time, relationships, circle of friends, career – this in turns makes us feel trapped and helpless, just like a jail or prison.

I think the answer to this question therefore is ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING IN YOUR LIFE, to always take a step to analyse where we are going and if we are happy with going this way. And if we realise we are not happy, to always have to courage to change directions in life. We can’t ever know if the decisons we make in life is a right one or wrong one, we just have to pick the one we feel is best and put all our effect into making it work. Nothing is perfect and nothing ever really goes right to plan. Always trust in your ability to do good for yourself.

Thats what Entrepreneurship means to be, it represent courage, creativity,flexibility, moral integrity and honour – thats why i decided to choose this line of work.


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