Reflective Essay – Tung Nguyen

During the time that I been on this module, i come to realise that nothing really ever goes to plan and that sometimes, compromising the greater good is more important. This project was slightly personal and very complicated due to the project been overseas and my own personal issues taking priority.

Doing this project was Raheel’s idea, he spoken about this project many times passionately and since he helped me out in my last project concerning our book 18+ Teen secrets and letters

Our first priority was to establish connections with his company and his organisation such as BDR Pharmaceuticals and ARCON in which we were successful in doing. asking for an opportunity to do a survey and interview with the organisation was very difficult since i couldn’t be there face to face. I therefore decided to create a questionnaire and leave the liaison with the organisation to Raheel who was going to india (since he lived there).

In terms of my own personal investigation, i decided to get an idea on the current HIV/AIDS  issue by arranging a meeting with  Sean Cummings, top specialist AIDS/HIV expert and doctor in the uk and runs his own private clinic freedomhealth

For the presentation in march/april, i felt really disappointed in myself with the results. firstly because my team wasnt there to present with me, secondly because i realised we were behind and had a lot   to do and also because I realised I been absent a lot to the lecture in which I had to speak to Corrine.

This was in the memorable moment in this module, I had to decide whether to stop the work on my business Electric-buddha and concentrate on this module, or forgo a year to put my business together and retake the year. It was really difficult because I was didn’t believe in myself to catch up but I couldn’t bare to retake the year when I already came this far.

After deliberating with My partner sha who runs our partner company cerise, he agreed to let me go for a while to work on my university. I’m very thankful for having such an understanding and fair business partner, my partners in the past were the opposite and I remember going through a dead road back then in my last business .

Through that experience, I learnt that having a business is secondary to having a great business relationship.

My team on this project have been really supportive, although i believe a certain member could do slightly better, i loved my team – they have been my team for 3 years since i been in this uni. Our ability to put our ego a side to cooperate and succeed is so beautiful. we work hard when we need to, every one of us are experts in almost everything and willing to jump on anything and our personal relationships with each other makes us such a strong team. With Raheel as the head of this group, I believed the team equally contributed fantastically to the project and given him ideas and support on what we need to do to get what we need.

As a hypochondriac, I thought I might have had HIV because i haven’t been on my best behaviour with girls haha, so this project has helped me find out my results and get all the questions I need and understood which helps the project. It was a win-win situation.

The skills i learnt from this module ares how to provide proof and evidence of our assumptions. Looking over the business plan that was set for us, it has opened my eyes on how i can mak my business plans more concrete and credible in the future.

The last presentation we had in may was a funny experience, the thing about my group is that when on the last days, we are so relaxed and chilled back, but an hour or two before the presentation, everyone is stressing out and trying to get last minutes arrangement sorted. it’s a funny weakness but it has worked every time. I was concerned that we might not have set enough data and we didn’t decide on a Powerpoint presentation because we felt out presentation would be more compelling if we spoke it out from out knowledge and experience unscripted. It has always worked and every project we have ever worked on ,we have always set a personal and passionate mark on it.

Overall, i felt the module was really positive, i know i have missed multiple classes and lectures but there has not been a day when i haven’t been worried and cared about this module. during the last periods of these modules, i believed my team worked triple harder than every other team to get us back to scratch, i believe in this 100%.

They say that life is a sum of your experiences, during the period, ive learnt a lot about my teammates, the practical essence of this module and the nature of business – as someones whose started 3 business already (1 failed) business is hard already, but having the right partners and team can make it a more fun and easier experience.

Tung Nguyen


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